Eat My Heart Out is a storytelling dinner theater. Founded in 2012 in New York by comedian Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez & chef Luke Davin, EMHO pairs live storytelling performances with a five-course meal whose recipe, ingredients, and plating are edible metaphors of the stories themselves. We work with different chefs across the country to produce bespoke menus for large gatherings in magical spaces. Purchase tickets to our KWMR Spring Benefit show in Bolinas, CA on April 23 right here.



Novelist Diana Spechler performs at our first dinner in Brooklyn.

We produce storytelling dinners in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area for our fans and private clients. Our supper club has been profiled and featured in New York Magazine and on public radio. And we’re not finished traveling – Seattle, Portland, Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Boston, D.C., Chicago. We’d love to meet new friends and allies who want us to come to their city.

 Photo courtesy Red Dodge (

Blood orange forage flower salad designed by Eve Love. Photo courtesy Red Dodge (


You can participate by attending one of our dinner theaters or by collaborating on our special potluck events. Learn more about our team or scroll through our past events.





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